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The identified realms are defined by their environmental conditions and the historical geological processes. 16 Jun 2015 What Does Endemic Mean? Imagine that you live on a small island. Your family has spent generations there and has lived nowhere else in the  7 Feb 2016 Do You Know What 'Vector' And 'Endemic' Mean? We Can Help — Sort Of If you've been following the news about the spread of the Zika virus  19 Apr 2019 Most plants in a biodiversity hotspot are endemic, meaning they are not Yet biodiversity hotspots are, by definition, in a conservation crisis.

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There are parts of the world where dengue fever is endemic, meaning that there are mosquitoes that are carrying dengue fever and transmitting it from person to person. ‘Diseases endemic in Europe, such as typhoid and influenza, became major causes of morbidity and death.’ ‘And there is no doubt the endemic poverty in the country is a barrier to innovation.’ ‘The district records one of the country's highest suicides rates, mainly due to endemic poverty.’ Definition of endemic in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of endemic. What does endemic mean?

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camera. 17 Jul 2020 What is the difference between endemic and exotic species ?

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Meaning of endemic.

and search for the real meaning of life in the simplicity and wisdom of nature. covered by thick forests where all the endemic Cretan species used to live. “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean? Unfunny definition at Dictionary.com, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and  “Endemic”: What Do These Terms Mean?
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See more. Define endemic. endemic synonyms, endemic pronunciation, endemic translation, English dictionary definition of endemic. adj.

Kangaroos are endemic to Australia. Etymology: From ἐν + δῆμος. Possibly via ἔνδημος and/or   14 May 2020 An endemic is "the constant presence and/or usual prevalence of a disease or infectious agent in a population within a geographic area," reports  endemic. endemic - Dictionary definition and meaning for word endemic.
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Prevalent in a particular locality, region, or population: endemic diseases of the tropics. 2. 2020-12-03 Malaria is endemic in many countries.

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2021-02-17 · Endemic means "something that's within the people," he added. Many epidemics have turned into endemics. But an endemic disease does not necessarily mean that it will exist forever. endemic [en-dem´ik] present or usually prevalent in a population or geographical area at all times, in contrast to epidemic; the term is used of a disease or agent. Miller Endemic (biology) synonyms, Endemic (biology) pronunciation, Endemic (biology) translation, English dictionary definition of Endemic (biology). adj.